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Acai Berry Powder

Based on research analyzing acai berry arrangement in 2006, 100 h of freeze-dried acai (fruit and skin) powder includes 534 calories, fifty two gr of carbs, 33 grms regarding overall weight (74% which will be unsaturated fat) as well as 8 gr associated with necessary protein. Acai berries usually are containing more fat, specially oleic, palmitic in addition to linoleic acids. Acai berries consist of 21 amino acids, along with numerous sterols, as well as campesterol, stigmasterol and also beta-sitosterol. The particular phytochemicals inside Acai berries contain mainly anthocyanins as well as proanthocyanidins. Acai berries consist of far more antioxidants in comparison with various other typically consumed blueberries. In addition they tend to be elevated in fiber as well as heart-healthy fatty acids. This antioxidant results associated with Acai berries possess largely also been due to phenolic substances.
Acai Berry Powder